1. Bunker Hills Golf Club

    Visit the Bunker Hills Golf Club website to book a tee time, rent the facility for your upcoming event, and more.

  2. City Hall

    Link to Google Map for City Hall location

  3. Community Events

    View a calendar of upcoming events for concerts, council meetings, local programs, and more.

  4. Libraries

    Visit the Anoka County Library website to find hours and locations, view a library catalog, and more.

  5. Missing Pets

    Find out what to do if you find a stray animal or are trying to locate your missing pet.

  6. Skateboard Park

    Sand Creek Park features a skateboard park and hockey rinks in addition to softball fields, tennis courts, and basketball courts.

  7. Transportation

    Find transportation options within the City of Coon Rapids and the greater Minneapolis - St. Paul area.

  8. Tenant Resources

  9. Voting Information

    Information on where to vote.