Annual Reports & News

  1. Annual Economic Indicators Report

    Review the City's key economic indicators, including employment, wages, construction, and retail sales. Data becomes available in the middle of the following year.

  2. Board of Adjustment Annual Report

    Read the petitions and acts of the Board of Adjustment and Appeals.

  3. Business Spotlight Feature Stories

    Coon Rapids Business Spotlight features information about businesses around town.

  4. Business Update Newsletter

    Check out the Business Update Newsletter from the Economic Development Division.

  5. Community Development Annual Report

    View the annual report for the activities within the Community Development Department.

  6. Development Highlights

  7. Planning Commission Annual Report

    Review the annual report of considerations and approvals of the Planning Commission.

  8. Quarterly Economic Development Report

    View various quarterly metrics related to construction, real estate, employment, and economic development activities.